We are so happy you chose our shelves to decorate your home! Currently, we do not send hardware with our shelves, and we wanted to let you know why and give you some hanging ideas to guide you in the right direction. 

 We don’t want to presume to know what kind of walls you have or what amount of support you need for your shelves. We would hate it if you put grandma's priceless crystal bowl on your shelf and it came tumbling down because you didn’t have the proper hardware!             


Here are some hanging tips to keep that from happening:

For holding light items (e.g. small knick-knacks)

Use simple nails at a few points. We use three: one in the top point to hang the triangle and two evenly spaced below the bottom shelf to keep it balanced. 

We like these nails.


For holding medium items (e.g. candles) 

Use screws with drywall anchors at the same locations as the two bottom nails in the first example.


For heavier items (e.g. books, larger glass or ceramics) 

Use small L brackets at the two bottom locations. Be sure to face the L up and screw it into the wall first (hole #1). Then screw the shelf onto the bracket to keep it hidden behind the shelf (hole #2). 

L bracket set (we would recommend using longer nails for the wall though)